Where will these be listed?

  • MoonChikuns will be one of the first collections to launch on Liteverse.io

How can I mint?

How are the 8,400 MoonChikuns distributed?

  • 8400 total every to be minted

  • 1 GIF of the collection will be minted as an NFT

What intellectual property rights do the MoonChikuns holders receive?

  • Owners of MoonChikuns have full commercial art rights for the MoonChikuns they own with the exclusion of any company or brand logo's on the shirts.

Will there be staking rewards?

  • Litecoin NFT marketplaces can reward holders with LNFT tokens.

  • Future plans to air-drop other NFTs for holders.

Are there secondary royalties and how will they be used?

  • 1% of every secondary sale of a MoonChikuns NFT shall go to the Litecoin Foundation.

  • 1% of every secondary sale of a MoonChikuns NFT shall be split and shall go to the two MoonChikuns NFT creators.

Can these be used as profile pictures?

  • Yes, these MoonChikuns have been designed to be used as profile pictures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • In the future we would like to see these officially added as NFT tokens to profiles on twitter, etc.

The Story

MoonChikuns are ready to battle fiat money villains, the Imaginary Monetary Fund (IMF) sent its evil henchmen to prevent MoonChikuns from launching to the Moon. They want to shut down free people using money without borders, without a hand-picked select few.

Little does the IMF know that MoonChikuns are battle-tested, 84 years of preparation defending against the Moonsie the IMF president.

Arise is the leader of the MoonChikuns and will not be stopped.

Money printers continue to go brrrrr as the Litecoin network and its community push for a better system of money for the people. Arise has been screaming for decentralized, hard, sound money and with their secret weapon called MWEB, the MoonChikuns are ready to “Arise Chikun”.

Arise has a cousin, named Doge. Together, they have united with a promise, a merge if you will to launch to the moon together. Some years ago, when Doge was a drunken dog, Arise gathered up his MoonChikun friends and got Doge into rehab. Since then Doge has been working secretly with plans on a new rocket, one that is destined for space, the Moon, and Mars.